At Eakman Construction, we take pride in being upfront and frank with our clients. We don’t make promises we can’t deliver on, and we have the courage to have the hard conversations with our clients. When it comes to investing in your existing home or a new home, we know that there’s no room to beat around the bush: what you see is what you get when you work with our experienced team of professionals.


The professionals at Eakman Construction are known for their superior communication skills, and our availability is second-to-none. Trouble reaching your contractor? Can’t find the flooring guy? That doesn’t happen when you work with qualified professionals who take the job seriously. If you need us, we pick up the phone. We show up and get the job done right.

Customer Focus

We understand how uncomfortable and disruptive home remodeling can be, that’s why the professional team at Eakman Constructions works with you to ensure that you know the full scope of the work being done and we walk you through the entire process so you know what you can expect from our team. We leave your home in better shape than we found it and our team works hard to ensure your ideas come to life.

Our Services

Custom Home Builds

From our initial consultation to when we hand you the keys of your brand new custom home build, you’ll experience customer service like no other. We’ll walk you through the steps we take to bring your ideas to life. We work with your architect and our team of designers to ensure that every detail is considered and every corner of your new home is treated with care. You won’t be left wondering what’s happening with your project because we keep you up to date on everything and ensure that timelines move as expected. When building a high-quality custom home for our clients, we do more than just make sure you are satisfied; we make sure you are thrilled!

Large Scale Residential Remodel

Thinking of upsizing and need the right construction company to bring your grand ideas to life? At Eakman Construction, we work with top professionals to ensure your large-scale residential Remodels are delivered in fine form and function. We know that trust is the most important thing to our clients and we have built long-term relationships with many of our clients. When you trust your contractor, you can rest easy knowing your home is in good hands.

Our 5 Star Reviews

We worked with Eakman constructions for our house renovation which includes, demolishing existing toolshed, leveling the ground, building out attached garage, driveway, retaining walls and fence….

Anup Talwalkar

Stacy and the entire team at Eakman Construction were amazing on our kitchen/bath remodel. We highly recommend them for their courteous and clear communication, great eye for design, and attention to detail….

Julie Artz

There are hundreds of decisions you will make on a remodel both small and large. Our first decision selecting Eakman Construction we found out was our most important and best decision. We interviewed more than 1/2 dozen contractors. He was one of the only contractors to look at the plans and take the job seriously. Extremely professional intake process that not only gave us the impression that he wanted the job, but he also put genuine thought into the project, not just a quick quote. …

Greg Lambert

Stacy and his team at Eakman Construction just recently completed building our new house in West Seattle and it was an overall great experience working with them. (see the Gatewood pics!) They handled the entire project from tear down of our old house to handing over the keys to our new house. We were so grateful to have worked with a contractor that does very high quality work, cares a lot about their projects and relationships with clients and was trustworthy. Stacy is hardworking and very personable; he’s fantastic with communication and being the middle man with married couples!…

Matt & Kathleen Korpela

Stacy and his team at Eakman Construction recently completed an extensive remodel of our home and we could not be happier. From the minute we began working with them we always took note of their level of professionalism and ability to guide us in making decisions that improved the overall outcome of our project. We were impressed by their project management, attention to detail, and craftsmanship. Not only did they follow our plans, but they delivered an end result far in excess of what we’d imagined, all while working within our original budget. …

Lindsay Ondrak
04 Apr: Beautiful Homes Need Good Bones
Before you decide to go all in on a home remodeling project, it’s important that you and your contractor understand the bones of your home and are in agreement with what can go and what needs to stay.